Oat Topping Intro Home Page
Oat Topping Intro Home Page
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Vegan-friendly, Plant-Based, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO are the key attributes of this delicious Oat-Based Topping - along with being MADE FROM ORGANIC OATS! But, this Oat-Based Whipped Topping is much more than just a healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to dairy whipped cream . . . it's also incredibly delicious!

With Oat Delicious, we take sustainability to the next level... Our oats are organically raised - and this creates a significantly smaller carbon footprint than do the other Oat Milk products which are not organic. Our Oat Delicious Milks have been rated #1 (Regular) and #3 (Vanilla) in the Oat Beverage category by the Cornucopia Institute - the premiere watchdog group within the organic industry - which works to protect the character of the organic standards and the integrity of the products bearing the organic seal. And, our cooked oats (a by-product of producing Oat Delicious) are sent to a local farm where they are added to an Anaerobic Digester and transformed into usable energy. This is how our food system should work! 

Our Whipped Oat Topping joins our family of Oat Delicious products, which include - our milks (Vanilla and Regular), our Frothy Barista Creamer, and our Oat Nog (which is perfect this time of year as a delicious alternative to dairy egg nog).

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