We are pleased to introduce Oat Delicious - an exciting, healthy, and very flavorful alternative to dairy-based milk. Oat Delicious is a simple formula - made from organic whole oats blended with water, then strained to create a smooth, creamy liquid. So, what does Oat Delicious taste like? Surprisingly, a lot like cow’s milk, but with a slight (and very delicious) oat-y aftertaste. Oat Delicious is thicker and naturally sweeter than many non-dairy milks, but still light.


So how does a dairy company become a producer of Oat Milk? Who better, is our answer. We are milk experts and have been since 1994 when we began producing some of the healthiest and most flavorful organic dairy milk on the market. Creating great Oat Milk is about experience and expertise in producing and understanding milk. And that’s what we’re all about. Enjoy this delicious and very healthy organic Oat Milk from the milk experts!