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We are pleased to announce that our Oat Delicious Milks (Regular and Vanilla) have been rated #1 and #3 respectively in the Oat Beverage category by the Cornucopia Institute - the premiere watchdog group within the organic industry, working to protect the character of the organic standards while auditing the integrity of products bearing the organic seal. 

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Natural By Nature

Oat Delicious Milks Receive High Honor!

The Natural by Nature brand truly exemplifies what consumers believe they are investing in when they purchase organic dairy products. It is a family-owned business that procures 100% of its milk from family-owned farmers. Natural Dairy Products Corporation (NDP) was started in 1994 by Ned MacArthur and his father Norman who teamed up with four organic dairy farmers in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and created a sustainable process in which grass-fed organic milk could be produced, transported, processed, and packaged - independent of the huge, volume-based milk industry, under the brand name Natural By Nature. Natural Dairy Products now supports over 35 family-owned and operated farms, three of which are the original pioneering farms.


Our Mission is Both Simple and Ambitious:

To promote and support organic farming and the sustainable use of our natural resources; to produce foods that benefit consumers and farmers alike; to use the principles of grass-based dairy production as a means to improve the quality of our products; to maximize the health of our cows, and protect our watersheds; and to make a living for our families, based on these strongly held principles.

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