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Young Girl Enjoying Milk and Cereal

Food & Wine: People Are Stocking Up on Oat Milk Because of Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus spreads, shoppers throughout the United States are stocking up on Oat Milk, like Oat Delicious from Natural By Nature. Read the Article

Spring Creek Farms Video: A Natural By Nature Partner

Green Chef put together a beautiful video (a short one and a half minute segment) featuring one of our very special growing partners - Spring Creek Farms. Green Chef did a beautiful job of capturing the integrity, humility, and love that Spring Creek Farms puts into farming organically - being mindful of both the animals and the land. Enjoy the video by clicking here.

The Washington Post: Why Your "Organic" Milk Might Not Be Organic

This excellent article features Bobby Prigel, a fourth-generation dairy farmer with 300 acres of rolling pastures in northern Maryland. Bobby is one of the family of farmers raising organic grass-fed dairy products under the Natural By Nature Brand. The article highlights how Bobby has done everything right in gaining his organic certification, but points out how there are dairy farms that are not necessarily in compliance with organic standards and yet are receiving organic certification. We are both proud and honored to have Bobbi Prigel as one of our farmers. His product and integrity are second to none! Read the article.







Reuters: Is Milk from Grass-Fed Cows More Heart-Healthy?

"Earlier experiments have shown that cows on a diet of fresh grass produce milk with five times as much of an unsaturated fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than do cows fed processed grains." Read the article.







The NY Times: Since Milk Is White, Why Is Butter Yellow?

"The difference in color is primarily due to the higher fat content of butter. Cows that eat grass and flowers store the yellow pigment beta carotene, found naturally in those plants, in their fat. The pigment gets carried over into the fat in their milk." Read the article.







The NY Times: Organic Meat and Milk Higher in Healthful Fatty Acids

"Organic meat and milk differ markedly from their conventionally produced counterparts in measures of certain nutrients, a review of scientific studies reported on Tuesday. In particular, levels of omega-3 fatty acids, beneficial for lowering the risk of heart disease, were 50 percent higher in the organic versions." Read the article.







Small Footprint Family: Grass Fed Beef Can Solve Global Warming

"Even if you don’t eat meat, returning ruminants like buffalo, cattle, goats, sheep, and fowl to a holistically managed, natural grassland ecosystem where they belong could effectively help SOLVE our global warming problem." Read the article.








Natural By Nature Wins the Prestigious UNFI Social Responsibility Award!

Natural By Nature won the prestigious UNFI Social Responsibility Award - for doing what's right for people, animals, and the planet. Our Director of Sales, Jay Totman, was at the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, CA (3/10/2018) to receive the award! Thanks to UNFI, Albert's Organics, our dedicated retail and foodservice customers, and of course, to all of you throughout the country who regularly purchase, enjoy and support our organic grass-fed dairy products. We are indeed grateful! See photos on our Facebook Page.










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